CATEGORY: UX, UI, Service Design

TOOLKITS: Sketch, InVision, Twillio, Node.js, MongoDB


ROLE: Project Development, Researcher, Designer, Project Manager, Programmer


Greenly is a web app that helps New Yorkers discover the green space around them. Greenly has suggested hikes in and around the city, short trail skills tips, and text alerts that let people know when it’s going to be nice out. Greenly's mission is to help New Yorkers develop a deep interest in and connection to natural spaces, so that these spaces will be preserved and renewed.

Research & Development

2016 was the centennial of the US National Park service. By most measures, they had a great year. Overall visitorship is at an all-time high. However, interest from 20-30 year olds has been stagnant. That means that though overall visitorship is growing, it’s trending older and older. The average age of a visitor to Yellowstone National Park is around 54 years old. If older visitors are not replaced by younger ones over time, what does that mean for the future of the parks? I my vision is to ensure long term preservation of natural land in the United States by creating a sustained interest in natural spaces among 20-30 year olds.

Design & Testing

Testing Greenly included testing both the written trail guide concept and the mobile interface. I testing the trail guide on location with a written guide, making edits and adjustments where testers had trouble following the guide. I tested the interface with card sorting exercises and with a mockup made with InVision.


Greenly was designed mobile first. Begin their interaction with Greenly by receiving a text message letting them know that the weather will be nice on the weekend, or by going to the site directly. Greenly's design highlights charismatic photographs of natural spaces. These images inspire users to visit and capture their own pictures.

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