CATEGORY: Service Design, UX


COLLABORATORS: MongoDB Education Team

ROLE: Service Design, User Research, Student Support


Redesigned the MongoDB University Online Education Operations Processes to reduce pain points for team and create a better experience for students.

Identify Opportunities

Running an online education course involves three phases and many manual steps. We interviewed students and team to identify pain points, as well as analyzing customer support email questions from students. Within the process there were two opportunities for straight forward fixes that would improve customer experience, reduce the workload for the team, and increase accuracy:

  1. Redesigning and automating the course end procedure
  2. Reducing the number of customer support emails

Course End Redesign

By redesigning the course end procedure and working with the engineering team we were able to reduce time spent from eight hours per course to maximum one and a half hours per course. We did this by:

  1. Redesigning the student data report to eliminate the need for manual edits, the data was right the first time.
  2. Automating manual email sends and adding missing confirmation alerts, eliminating silent failures.
  3. Redesigning promotional codes to eliminate the need for tedious and error prone processes, updates now handled programmatically.
  4. Redesigning the internal dashboard UI to reduce email send errors.

Reduce Support Emails

I identified the top 5 frequently asked questions from students and wrote FAQ answers to these questions. Then, I worked with the UI designer to include this information on MongoDB University pages and to create a FAQ section for courses. Question volume on unpaid channels fell by 20%, paid channels by 70%.

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